Manufacturing SBU

Our Manufacturing SBU Milano Global Manufactures has over 60 years’ experience in the Furniture manufacturing business.


This SBU prides itself in the details and effort put into each specially manufactured piece of furniture. Initially starting as, a distributor and seller of handmade furniture this SBU has grown over the years in order to open, operate and run several successful furniture & millwork related stores throughout the Middle East, Asia and North America.


This SBU has developed and established production and manufacturing facilities to accommodate the growing demand of its products.


Windebank – established over 30 years ago within Canada, this company originally started as a small cabinet shop which with years of effort, quality product and customer service grew into an 11,000 sq. foot facility with committed management and workers, this company has a rich history in providing high end craftsmanship in cabinetry and custom millwork.


A manufacturing facility and showroom was established in 2002 in Malaysia, in order to provide services and highly sought after Milano products to customers within the Asian Market. This facility and manufacturing line also paved the way for several beneficial allies and high quality suppliers to become partners with this SBU in order for Milano to also benefit from economies of scale from utilizing such resources from Asia and disbursing it to all our stores and production lines within the Milano group.

Middle East

Two of the largest family owned manufacturing facilities in the Middle East belong to Milano Global Manufacturers these facilities exclusively tailor to and support the high demand of Milano’s products in the Middle Eastern Market.