Milano in a Glance

Business Constellation

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • International Brand Partner
  • Retail & Sales Industry
  • Construction & Renovation – Project Management
  • Financial Investments
  • Asset & Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • International Trade: Import & Export

Milano Global Holdings Ltd.

Is a leading professional completely family owned holding company with over sixty years of experience within numerous industries and markets. It prides itself in providing comprehensive solutions, products and services with the highest level of quality & reliability in the fields of Hospitality, Construction & Renovations, Manufacturing, Retail/Sales and International Brands.

Milano Global Holdings Ltd. benefits from its highly valuable intellectual and pioneering capacity, knowledgeable human resources and its ever-yearning need to succeed and commence novel ideas and solutions. These strengths allow Milano to deliver its main goal of providing dependable solutions, products and services while guaranteeing and striving for utmost customer satisfaction.

Milano endeavours to be the leader of the business game no matter the industry!


We strive to achieve excellence in all the services and products offered within our group.

At Milano we are committed to maximizing business opportunities at the local, regional and international levels. Our emphasis on operational transparency, responsible corporate governance and professional world‐class management has made our companies and groups one of the most highly respected organizations in the region.

We are always open, as a first port of call to strategic partnerships and new relationships that will pave the way for future growth and development.


A pioneer in nature, Milano Global Holdings Ltd. is always willing to take the initiative and reach new boundaries. We continue to embark on new challenges that add value to our strategic growth areas. With a keen eye on current trends and growth initiatives, we have developed core skills in our key business areas enabling us to deliver world‐class products and services.

We look forward to using these qualities to create further international partnerships.